TANDEM – favourite host, representing Bulgaria Image 1
— 01.11.2007 —
TANDEM – favourite host, representing Bulgaria


On 26/10/2007 “Tandem-V” LTD was a host of a numerous German delegation of business people and contractors, led by Mr. Peter Hauk – the Minister for Food, the Country Regions and province Baden-Wurtemberg.


After scrutinizing the enterprise in detail and getting to know the whole production cycle, Minister Hauk acknowledged that there were many German companies, which should make quite a lot efforts in order to reach the “Tandem-B” LTD level.


The German delegation, which was in Bulgaria at the invitation of the Bulgarian Minister Nihat Kabil, was extremely impressed by the control over the safety of the meat products with the brand TANDEM and by the organization of a Bulgarian enterprise, meeting thoroughly the EU requirements.