Straight-out quality and innovation

Uncompromising quality and innovation are in the core of in Tandem's philosophy for creating products with a refined and delicate taste, which also a source of complete proteins and valuable nutrients.

We at Tandem strictly observe the hygiene and sanitary requirements for the production of meat products. We guarantee the quality of our final product by monitoring every step of its production: the origin of the raw materials, complying with the recipes and temperatures of refrigeration, packaging, storage and transportation. Throughout our production process, our leading principles have always been:

Checking the effectiveness of the controls
Using modern technologies for production and control of the product’s nutritional value
Using high-quality meat and raw materials
Performing a continuous process of traceability and control of the nutritional value and quality of incoming raw materials
Continuously increasing our professional competencies
Strictly adhering to the established recipes
Carefully selecting balanced combinations of spices in the recipes
Ensuring a continuous refrigeration chain throughout the production, storage and transport of the finished product