Quesadilla with Tandem turkey ham and avocado Image 0
Complete recipe with:
Quesadilla with Tandem turkey ham and avocado
Products for 4 portions


4 pieces of tortilla flatbread

180 g Tandem turkey ham

150 g Tandem cow's milk yellow cheese

1 rope of coriander

2 jalapeño peppers

4 stalks of scallions

Juice from 1 lime

80 ml olive oil

2 tbsp. water

For the avocado salsa:

1 avocado

2 tomatoes

1 red chilli pepper

Salt to taste

Juice from ½ lime


Method of preparation:

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and remove the inside.

Cut into slices and place them in a bowl. Clean the washed tomatoes and cut them into wedges. Add them to the avocado and add the chilli pepper that’s been chopped in thin wheels. Add salt and pour lime juice on top.

Cut the jalapeño in half and remove the seeds. Cut the coriander and the onion into large pieces.

Put the coriander, jalapeño peppers, onion, olive oil, lime juice and water in a blender.

Blend and transfer to a bowl. Grate the yellow cheese on a large grater and set aside.

Cover one half of the tortilla bread with jalapeño pepper paste. Arrange slices of turkey ham on top and cover with grated yellow cheese. Fold the bread in half and cook in a hot pan for about a minute. Turn around, cook for another minute and remove from the pan.

Prepare the other quesadillas in the same way. Serve with avocado and tomato salad.