Mr. Vatev among the top 10 in the competition “Manager of the year”  Image 1
— 07.10.2008 —
Mr. Vatev among the top 10 in the competition “Manager of the year”

"Manager" Magazine in a partnership with Deloitte Bulgaria has been organizing a competition “Manager of the year” in Bulgaria for the first time. After rating the 98 nominations at a methodology, devised by Deloitte Bulgaria, Manager Magazine announced the 10 finalists, and one of them is the proprietor of the company TANDEM, Mr. Cyril Vatev.

Mr. Vatev presence among the top 10 is an extraordinary success and recognition for the company and its management.  "TANDEM-V" Ltd is the only meat processing enterprise having reached the competition final, which makes Mr. Vatev’s success even more important.

According to the information from Manager 98 senior managers have apply to participate in the competition, of which 86 men and 12 women. The number of applicants, managing production enterprises has been the largest, 21 have come from the service sector, and 13 manage financial institutions. The youngest and the oldest ones are among the finalists, respectively 30 and 66 years old.

“Manager of the year 2008” is the first competition of its kind for achievements in company management in Bulgaria. The purpose of the competition is to distinguish the best attainments and high managing practices through special methodology for objective assessment.

The 10 finalists:
Antony Hasiotis – A Council of the Directors member and Post Bank PLC general executive director.
Engineer Valentin Trifonov – Prista Oil Group executive director.
Dimitar Yanakiev – managing proprietor of Midia JSC – Bourgas, a construction and investment company 
Ivan Asenov – Hus Ltd proprietor and senior manager.
Ivan Vasilev – ТNT Bulgaria senior manager
Cyril Vatev – "TANDEM-V" Ltd executive director and proprietor.
Doc. Engineer Lachezar Tsotsorkov – Asarel Medet JSCo executive director.
Nicolaos Georgopulos – Druzhba Staklarski zavodi AD executive director
Associate professor engineer Nicola Dobrev – KCM AD general executive director.
Sasho Donchev – Overgas Engineering executive director.