Pari Newspaper: 1.5 million levs invested in TANDEM - Gabrovo Image 1
— 21.10.2008 —
Pari Newspaper: 1.5 million levs invested in TANDEM - Gabrovo

A new workshop for meat delicacies is opened

At the end of the week the meat processing company TANDEM – Gabrovo was put into operation. 1.5 million levs were invested in it. 

The investment

The factory is built on the site of the former enterprise Aivi, which proprietor Radoslav Blazhev is a co-proprietor of the new association, too. It produces traditional Bulgarian raw dried sausages and delicacies – flat sausage “Panagyurska”, sudjuk, sushenica, flat sausage “Stara Planina”, jerked meat, fillet “Elena”, crop “Trakia”, and rolled meat “Trapezitsa”. With the two companies cooperation Cyril Vatev makes an example how the other Bulgarian companies should act in order to be successful on the big European Market because on their own they do not have the necessary capacity.


The enterprise has been completely reconstructed and equipped with new machinery as the 1.5 million investments has been used for technological innovations. After a completed veterinary audit in the beginning of June last year TANDEM – Gabrovo received a license for an unlimited trade throughout the European Union. It gives the company the unique opportunity to represent traditional Bulgarian products to the Common Market.  The proprietor of the company TANDEM V Cyril Vatev was worthy to be in the list of the ten finalists of the first issue “Manager of the Year”, organized by Manager Magazine according a methodology developed by “Deployed Bulgaria”.