We sent off the last days of the summer break with sun, food and games Image 1
— 17.09.2018 —
We sent off the last days of the summer break with sun, food and games

Younger children eagerly awaited the first day of school. It is obvious that the summer break and the countless hours of playing outside with neighbourhood friends are never long enough. Still, going to school gives something special to younger students – an environment where they not only learn interesting things about the world, but also get to play with the classmates they couldn't meet up with in summer for one reason or another.

This year, the first school day was “delayed” by two days, as September the 15th turned out to be a Saturday. However, this enabled the students to properly say goodbye to the summer break – with a bang, by being together, eating, playing games, listening to music, being creative and laughing until they are out of breath.

The colourful and fun Back to School event in the South Park was our way of lending a helping hand with that.

Thanks to it, this September 15 was really different – instead of ringing school bells, flowers for the teachers and worries about the new teaching material, it was all fun. Dozens of children took part in games such as balloon relay, running train and sack races, demonstrating both dexterity and charming smiles. Some of the races also involved the parents but they could hardly compete with the wild energy of their descendants.

And every child knows that the energy needed for performing well in class and playing games comes by eating well! That’s why everyone had a little pick-me-up with a hot dog, but not just any hot dog – it was one featuring the Slantse sausages. Slantse is a completely clean product that contains no E-numbers.

This eliminated any parental worries about what the children were eating because these sausages are made of pork, have reduced salt and fat content, and contain no allergens and added preservatives.

The Slantse sausages are suitable both for school lunch and delicious dinner.

Eating a hot dog during Back to School restored the strength of the children and they could indulge in creative activities in our tent – from painting, colouring and crafts in the dedicated area for making pasta jewellery. Also, each student received a gift – a special schedule sheet where they can carefully enter their class schedule for the new school term.