— 05.04.2020 —

   For us at Tandem, it has been an honour for our products to be present on Bulgarian tables for 27 years. For us, this is both a responsibility and a great source of pride, and that is why from the very beginning we have been observing and fulfilling all health requirements.

   Since the founding of our company, we have used special work clothing for each employee in the production workshop. This clothing is washed, ironed and disinfected every day in a separate place at the Tandem facilities.

   Face protection has also always been mandatory for the working process. Furthermore, at the entrance of our production area, there has always been a hygienic gateway where people disinfect their hands and shoes.
Every surface and room is cleaned and disinfected daily using certified detergents. All Tandem trucks are also cleaned and disinfected.

   We implemented international standards for safety and quality of manufactured products and social responsibility to our employees more than 15 years ago and we have maintained those strict guidelines.

   These are part of the many measures that have been performed on a daily basis at Tandem since 1993, when the company was established and was clearly aware that strict hygiene and discipline are part of producing safe and high-quality products.

   The ongoing situation has prompted us to implement even stricter security measures both for the products we create and for our employees:

       • Upon entering our enterprise’s premises, the person’s hands and shoes undergo primary disinfection and body temperature is monitored using a thermal camera;

       • Additional disinfection is performed according to the hourly schedule of the common, sanitary and domestic premises, offices and corridors using certified detergents;

       • Vehicles transporting raw materials and products entering the enterprise’s premises are subjected to primary disinfection;

       • External access to Tandem is limited on the enterprise premises.

   As we are aware of the great responsibility we have to both our products and our employees, we performed additional training and introduced remote and rotary working methods.