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Health and life satisfaction factors

We often forget how sedentary and unhealthy our lifestyle is. The mercurial reality around us seems to be a given thing, and we think of hereditary burden only when the doctor asks us about it. However, the everyday vital need for food holds our attention with such force that we ascribe almost all explanations for good and bad to food. We remember how harmful overeating is only after we get heartburn, even if the food we ate was our favourite, tasty and of high quality.

With this short leaflet, we would like to say that we have the right to demand the best. There is good food on the market but we need to be able to recognise it. It is a matter of personal responsibility for each and every one of us. A number of control authorities monitor the quality and safety of the manufactured meat products, but the greatest control over market success and the conscience of the manufacturers is exercised by the consumers – by choosing one brand or another. The consumer is in a strong position because they have the right to choose. Let's read the labels! The label is not a concealment of information behind complex unreadable codes, but rather a document of legitimacy – the “identity card” of each product.

Thank you to everyone who reads this line.

Kiril Vatev – Manufacturer