Festive board of raw-dried delicacies Image 0
Complete recipe with:
Festive board of raw-dried delicacies
Products for 1 portions


  • Tandem Elena Fillet 100 g
  • Tandem pastarma 100 g
  • Tandem roasted leg 300 g
  • Tandem Dryanovska lukanka 200 g
  • Tandem lukanka salami 100 g
  • Tandem Delicacy Salami 100 g
  • Pitted black olives 100 g
  • Green olives with almonds 100 g

Method of preparation:

1. At the bottom of an oval plate, spread the cut slices of lukanka.
2. Divide the pieces of salami into two. Fold each half in the form of a fan and string them on a cocktail stick. Arrange these bites in the middle of the plate.
3. On the short side of the ham, arrange olives that have been rolled with 3 more pieces of roasted leg. Stick six cocktail sticks in the roll. Carefully cut six equally thick rolls and arrange them around the bites of lukanka salami.
4. String the pastarma and the Elena Fillet on cocktail sticks – two or three pieces on a stick, folded in the form of an accordion. Arrange the bites on the edge of the plate.
5. Your festive board is ready to enchant all guests. And if you want, we can do it for you – we’ve got countless more ideas and delicious suggestions.