Pasta Carbonara with Via Natura cold-smoked bacon Image 0
Pasta Carbonara with Via Natura cold-smoked bacon
Products for 4 portions


320 g fettuccine or tagliatelle

1 pack of Via Natura cold-smoked bacon

4 eggs

80 g parmesan cheese

1 tbsp. salt

1 tsp. roughly ground pepper


Method of preparation:


Cut the bacon into cubes, transfer to a bowl and set aside, then finely grate the parmesan cheese.

Heat a large amount of water and salt well.

Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package.

Put the eggs in a bowl, add salt and season with pepper.

Stir and add the grated Parmesan cheese.

Heat a frying pan and fry the bacon until golden and crispy.

Add the strained pasta and mix well.

Pour about 100 ml of the water in which the pasta was cooked, turn off the heat and add the mix with the eggs.

Stir quickly until the sauce covers all of the pasta. If necessary, add some more water from the pasta to make the sauce creamier.

Divide the pasta into portions and sprinkle with coarsely crushed pepper.  

 Serve immediately.